Dress Success

On one of the biggest days of your life you can rest assured that we have your needs covered. We offer a full host of garment solutions from a simple train fastening to full dress remodelling, We provide a personal service within a relaxed environment Offering both pay as you go and package deals for our services. If you are unsure which services you require book a consultation appointment where we can advise you.





Each wedding dress will require different alterations and you’ll have approximately 3 fitting appointments. You should book your first appointment 12 in advance of your wedding, if your wedding is sooner than that please contact us for more information. 

Remember, that your wedding dress was ordered according to the largest measurement (between hips, bust and waist), therefore it is likely it will NOT fit properly when you collect it.

During the first appointment your bridal fitter will pin your wedding dress in all the right places so we can start customising your wedding dress to fit your unique body shape. This is where are Signature Fit process starts.


The Signature Fit at Sew Eazy is our unique process of creating that ultimate fit of your dress. 

Your dedicated fitter will properly sculpt the dress in the bust, waist and hips to your liking in 3 fittings (more or less as needed). 

The Signature Fit at Sew Eazy will also include your hem and bustle on your wedding dress.


To ensure we correctly fit your wedding dress you will need to know what undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day to each alteration and fitting appointment to ensure we get the best fit. 

If you are unsure about the bra, your fitter will advise you on addtional cups and supports. You may want to use a underskirt with your dress for ease of walking to support your dress away from your legs, if your unsure ask your fitter as we have a range available in store .


Once your wedding dress is fitted correctly through your bodice and hips, we then need to ensure that your hem is completed to your specification and heel height of your wedding shoes. 

You must ensure you bring your wedding shoes to each fitting or alterations appointment to make sure your wedding dress is at the perfect length on your wedding day.If you do not bring your wedding shoes you will either be rescheduled 


Once your wedding dress is ready it then is checked in quality controlled. Your beautiful wedding dress is checked to ensure that each individual bead, crystal, lace appliqué, sequin, etc. is perfectly in place for your wedding day and looks amazing.

Each wedding dress is treated as if its our own. If it is not perfect its not ready.


Once your final fitting has been completed you need to schedule with us to steam your wedding dress for collection. Your wedding dress is carefully steamed and packed in clear lightweight film ensuring your dress is crease free. We can also steam other items such as veils and cape. You can arrange collection up to 48 hours before the wedding if required.